Top Fitness Gym for Home Fitness

Are you one of the thousands looking to get fit at home during these crazy times? COVID-19 has pushed many gym goers back to their home and they are intend to stay fit. The problem in 2020 is most of the dumbbell and plate weight supply has disappeared and it is virtually (no pun intended) […]

Home Fitness – PowerBlocks are perfect!

In the current climate that the Home Fitness Industry is in, cast iron and rubber dumbbells have been getting increasingly harder to find. One of the alternatives that have had a greater availability in the most recent months have been the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. The benefit of the PowerBlocks over traditional dumbbells is that the […]

Cross Row is better than rowing!

Are you looking to burn more calories in less time? If so, the Cross Row is for you! The newly designed fitness rower has bi-directional resistance to activate all the muscles in your body and have you blasting away fat in no time. There are a ton of benefits using Cross Rower but the best […]