Cross Row is better than rowing!

Are you looking to burn more calories in less time?

If so, the Cross Row is for you!

The newly designed fitness rower has bi-directional resistance to activate all the muscles in your body and have you blasting away fat in no time.

There are a ton of benefits using Cross Rower but the best thing about it is the bi-directional resistance. This means there is resistance on both the pulling and pushing motion of the row. This is extremely different than traditional rowing machines where there is only resistance on the pull and then active recovery on the push/return. A major benefit of having the bi-directional resistance is the activation of more muscles (especially the chest and triceps), which translates into a harder workout and more calories burned. The more muscles used during a workout not only burns more calories and tones more muscles, it also saves you a ton of time by cutting down workout minutes! There is no back on the seat and you have to push forward, you must use your core which gives you a awesome core workout. The  Cross Row also has 3 different grip positions to help target more muscle groups.  The more muscle targeted the more calories burned.

The resistance on the CR2 Cross Rower is magnetic resistance. This means the resistance is controlled by a magnet. To control the resistance , all you have to do is spin a dial on the handle of the Cross Rower.

Traditional rowers only use about 80% of the bodies muscles. While the cross row uses 98% of them.

No excuse not to have the best workout ever when using the Inspire Cross Row.

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