Top Fitness Gym for Home Fitness

Are you one of the thousands looking to get fit at home during these crazy times? COVID-19 has pushed many gym goers back to their home and they are intend to stay fit. The problem in 2020 is most of the dumbbell and plate weight supply has disappeared and it is virtually (no pun intended) impossible to complete your home or garage gym. Home Fitness is back in style.

Then there was the Inspire FT2….

The Inspire FT2 is a one-of-a-kind home gym that combines the benefits of barbell strength training and cable functional training without adding plates or dumbbells. With 320lbs of total weight, you can use the red smith bar to enhance your workout by doing power producing movements like squats , deadlifts, bench, shoulders, chin ups and more. While strength is built with heavy weights, stability should still be one of the forefronts to your workout routine too. You can take advantage of the smaller 5lb increment weights (included with system) and work your smaller stabilizing muscles needed for daily functional movements. The FT2 by Inspire Fitness also offers 6 additional pulley points to allow for maximal adjustments and exercise alternatives. The pulley points allow you to perform typical dumbbell exercises such as arm curls, cable cross, lat pull down and others. If you were looking to bring an entire gym home, your searching stops here. Inspire Fitness can be found at specialty fitness stores like Fitness Unlimited in Houston TX.

Inspire FT2 for Home Fitness

Inspire offers multiple options for home fitness. Other options include the Inspire FT1, SCS as well as many different cardio options.

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